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Welcome to Bowen Therapy

Based on an interpretation of the work carried out by therapist Tom Bowen, this gentle soft tissue manipulation technique can be applied to people with a broad range of problems.   Click on the boxes below and the lists on the left to find out more about the common problems that people present for Bowen Therapy.

Do you suffer from any of these problems, or indeed others that may not be on the list?  If so, why not see if Bowen Therapy will work for you?


Gift Vouchers

Fed up with hearing a friend or loved one always complaining about their stiff neck or bad back, but the never doing anything about it?   Why not buy them a gift voucher and see what Bowen Therapy can do for them?

Don't know what to buy the Mother in Law for her birthday?

Gift vouchers can be bought for a single treatment or a course.

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